Clarification of iTotalRecords and iTotalDisplayRecords

Clarification of iTotalRecords and iTotalDisplayRecords

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I'm getting some weird errors for server-side processing and I think they are related to these settings:

# iTotalRecords - Total records, after filtering (not just the records on this page, all of them)
# iTotalDisplayRecords - Total records, before filtering

I want to make sure I am interpreting them correctly.

Assuming I'm querying a view with 4780 records and DataTable is showing 10 records at a time.

With out filtering
iTotalRecords = 4780
iTotalDisplayRecords = 4780

With filtering
iTotalRecords = some number less than 4780
iTotalDisplayRecords = 4780


  • vexvex Posts: 30Questions: 0Answers: 0
    It's the other way around;

    iTotalRecords = total records without any filtering/limits
    iTotalDisplayRecords = filtered result count

    So try just switching them on the reply from the server and it should hopefully work.
  • allanallan Posts: 54,921Questions: 1Answers: 8,611 Site admin
    Hi guys,

    vex is quite correct in what he says. I've updated the server-side processing usage page to be a bit more clear:

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