Inline Editing request size 2 MB

Inline Editing request size 2 MB

Sam_BaruahSam_Baruah Posts: 1Questions: 1Answers: 0

I am using datatables editor 1.6.3. I am using inline editing with submit : 'changed'. But my request processing is too slow. I have checked my request size and it is 2 mb large. I have checked the form data that is sent to the server and found only a few parameter is sent that is required for server side processing, nothing else. Then why editor is sending 2 mb data. Please help how to decrease the request size.


  • colincolin Posts: 4,606Questions: 0Answers: 809

    Hi @Sam_Baruah ,

    Yep, that doesn't sound right. The best bet would be look at the network tab under the browser's developer tools, and see what's being submitted to the server. In this example here, the request is only a 262 bytes - for yours to be that big something big (images?) must be being sent.



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