Shows One Extra Pagination Link (Data Tables 1.5.0-beta)

Shows One Extra Pagination Link (Data Tables 1.5.0-beta)

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Data tables plug-in version (1.5.0-beta) is a very nice plug-in i really appreciate the developer for a such great work but i found a bug in it.
It shows one extra Link in pagination (of type full number) means if u have less than 10 records then instead of showing only one page it shows two pages link and on 2nd page link it inform "Showing 11 to 8 of 8 entries" it increment the total entries by 3 which become start number in this case "11"
it should not show extra link please help me to fix that bug.
One more question,
can we set table width by parameter like we set column width?
Em waiting response for you please reply as soon as possible

Faraz Ahmed


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    Hi, Ahmed,

    For the 1st question, you can refer to the discussion below:

    The 2nd,
    As I knew, there's no parameter to set table width.
    But my suggestion is that, if your is written plainly on the page or generated by yourself,
    may be you could just put a width attribute or add a style class to do this work.

    I don't know this fits your requirement or not, just for your reference.
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    Hi Faraz,

    why910 is quite correct - the full_numbers issue is a known bug in 1.5.0 and will be fixed in the next release. In the mean time there is a fix in the link page.

    For the second question, again why910 is right on the money - just put 'style="width:100%"' (or whatever) into your table tag.

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