triggering a filtering on click?

triggering a filtering on click?

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I am trying to trigger a filtering when the user click on a word.
I have one column with producer name for example, and when clicking on a word of that column, I'd like to simulate the action of typing that word in the search box.
I tried to both fill in the search box and doing a fnClearTable() and/or fnFilter("myname") but while I manage to reload the filtered data, the header/footer are messed up or duplicated
What would be the way to do that?



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    Hi jean,

    fnFilter() is what you are looking for: . If you pass the second parameter as an integer that will be used to filter the column. If you have a look at this example, it might help you get a handle on how this should be used: (note that you shouldn't reinitialise the table - which is what is causing the duplicated header/footer).

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