ColReorder - move 2 columns at once?

ColReorder - move 2 columns at once?

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Hi! I have a table with child rows and I use ColReorder and it is set to true in the def. I can move columns - that is fine, but right next to pretty much each column except column 0 there are child rows columns. How can I make ColReorder move 2 columns at once, so that each associated child row column moves together with the column which is being moved? Somehow this has to be defined but not sure how. Anyone ever tried this? Any help appreciated!!


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    Hi @countesscat ,

    That would be possible to do. ColReorder triggers a column-reorder when a column is dropped. You could get the from and to values, then move the associated child column yourself with colReorder.move(),



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    Yes, I'm afraid there is no way to do this with the UI at the moment. Its something I've been thinking about for the next major update to ColReorder.


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