serverside processing

serverside processing

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hello i use data tables for a webmail client i am building and i use server side scripting and im trying to get searching to work i dont use a sql database i just run it through a loop of emails into an array for my columns but i go to search and it returns all the emails over and over without filtering(obviously) is there a way to filter through the data client side or like to populate the table with the data and then be able to filter through already received data without going back to the server if thats even possible? any ideas would be greatly appreciated...


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    Hi @theblizzle

    Yep, it sounds like you don't want to be using serverSide, as that does all the sorting server-side as you said. Just use Ajax to get the data, as in the examples here, and then the client will do all that for you,



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    oh wow...i made that incredibly harder then i needed to... thank you very much! much appreciated the fast response as well have a good day!

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