jQuery Thickbox working just on first side

jQuery Thickbox working just on first side

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Hello community, hello Allan,

it's me again. I have the problem that the jQuery Thickbox will only work on the first page of the table. By switching to the next page or changing the amount of shown rows Thickbox stops working.

I've read in another thread (http://datatables.net/forums/comments.php?DiscussionID=187&page=1#Item_21) that this might be a problem by applying the event handlers correctly. I am not really experienced in JavaScript therefore I can not really understand the possible solutions.

Can anyone give me a little help? You will find my code at the following page: http://www.rheita.de/produkte.php?sub=2

Many thanks in advance for your hints an help.




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    Please see here: http://datatables.net/usage/callbacks
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    Hello haiming,

    yes of course, simple solution :-)

    Thank you very much!!!

    And sorry for my 'not reading the manual in detail' lazyness. ;-) But sometimes, when a customer is calling with a problem, getting under stress, wildly searching for a quick solution, other projects are waiting ....

    Greetings Chris
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    Hi Chris,

    It will probably also be worth your time having a look at the event handler demos I've got for DataTables:


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    Hi Allan,

    thanks. It is not a problem of beeing woth my time :-), its more a problem of understanding and programming php projects and the need to implement web2.0 features without being really familiar with Javascript.

    In fact, the syntax of Javascript and jquery isn't already in my mind. :-)

    Greets Chris
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