Multiple filter positioning

Multiple filter positioning

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Hi there, just checking out the jQuery DataTables examples and I have a question. Maybe somebody can advise me?

From the examples I see that I can change the positioning of the search fields using the DOM positioning which is great. I also see that I can filter individual columns, but the search fields seem to be fixed to the bottom of the table. Is it possible to move all the search fields into a div on the left of the table?

Basically I want to split my search functionality into 2 columns. On the left will be the search box and filter fields and on the right will be the actual table.

I hope I was able to explain my requirements sufficiently? Any advice on this would be great!

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Decbrad,

    Perfectly clear - thanks :-). The individual column filtering controls aren't actually added by DataTables itself (have a look at the source for the demo: ). Rather the individual column filters are completely under your control (utilising the DataTables fnFilter() API function), and therefore can be added anywhere on the page that you wish.

    Further to this, if you wish to provide a global filter input, which is outside the 'range' of what can be addressed with 'sDom', you can simply leave the 'f' option out of sDom, and then add fnFilter() as an event handler to an input box anywhere else on the page.

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