Bulk insert / upload possible?

Bulk insert / upload possible?

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Hi all,

we are using DataTables and Editor since a year and its great for showing and editing tables.
We also implemented an upload-functionality for bulk data by ourselves completely without datatables.

However, since we have a sh**load of tables, it would be awesome to have a table data upload functionality.
Like 'select a csv' => 'check content/structure if it fits' => 'insert'.
Even if it's for smaller amount of data only.

Use cases:
There is a organiziation table. Instead of creating each organization one by one via "editor" it can be uploaded.
Or there is a user list. Instead of creating each user, they can be imported easily (well, maybe without passwords :-)).

Is this already possible? Would it be a good feature?
I guess it might be quite a challenge to include it in the current architecture (in a way that all the other functions still work).

Thanks & Best regards

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    Yes this is possible, although you need to use the API since it isn't something that will be done out of the box. The key is to use create() which allows for multiple rows to be created at the same time. Then use the multi-row editing API to set the values.

    So the missing part is that you need an input element where the user can upload the file and then parse the CSV file.


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