Feedback request - time picker

Feedback request - time picker

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Hi all,

I've been entering a fair amount of data using the Editor date/time picker recently and found that data entry via the time picker wasn't as fast as I would like due to the process of needing to select a value from the dropdown list (or typing it in).

As such, been experimenting with a new time picker UI which I've demoed here. Its more cluttered for certain, but its also much faster to select a time. As a comparison, this is the same example with the old UI.

I was wondering if I could solicit feedback from the community on whether you prefer the new UI or not!

Other options might be to do it more like how Google and Microsoft do and have a single dropdown list in half hour intervals and require typing for any other time value. An Android clock interface might be nice, but I think that would add more code weight to the library than I am happy with for what is effectively a sub feature.



  • Loren MaxwellLoren Maxwell Posts: 277Questions: 62Answers: 9

    Allan, I think the new interface is a clear winner.

    I'd also prefer this to the Google/Microsoft option since it keeps me on the mouse instead of alternating between the mouse and keyboard.

    Another thought -- could this be used to restrict the input of time, such having only certain hours available?

  • allanallan Posts: 52,495Questions: 1Answers: 8,011 Site admin

    Yes, with the new UI there is an hoursAvailable option (likewise minutesAvailable and secondsAvailable): . The unavailable ones are still show, but disabled, just like in the calendar picker to provide continuity.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  • SchautDollarSchautDollar Posts: 20Questions: 5Answers: 1

    I'm a fan of the new UI.

    We use this feature more often than we'd like with tracking users timesheets and this UI is less error/misclick prone.

    How could I go about adding this? Could actually use it now if it's ready.

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    I'm new to coding in javascript / jquery and still tinkering. I'm trying to create a mobile application. Ajax, json, node, css, it's daunting at times but, having some fun as well.

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    @SchautDollar - Thanks for the feedback. It will be part of Editor 1.9 which we'll be tagging and releasing towards the end of this week.


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