Losing Sorting Ability

Losing Sorting Ability

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I'm using the hidden row example as a starting point for my table. The problem I'm having is that when I set anyone of the last 5 columns in my table to not be visible, my table loses its sorting ability and all styles are stripped when the page first loads. If I do a search or hit the right/next paginate button, then the table starts to function correctly.

I would appreciate any help. Here's my code:

[code] /*
* Initialse DataTables, with no sorting on the 'details' column
oTable = $('#cliniciansNorthEast').dataTable( {
"aoColumns": [
{ "bSortable": false }, null, null, null, null, { "bVisible": false }, { "bVisible": false }, { "bVisible": false }, { "bVisible": false }, { "bVisible": false }

"aaSorting": [[4, 'asc']],



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    Never mind. I figured it out. Turns out that my thead columns didn't match the number of columns in my tbody.
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