ConnectionString .NET and mysql

ConnectionString .NET and mysql

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After reading the doc, I've been unable to start checking the demo project.
I always get error 7 when I try to connect mysql database. I'm not sure where to write the connectionstring info (user, pwd, server, db). In others projects, I use libraries, and I create the stringconnection in the web.config, using in the providerName tag.
Please any help will be apreciatted.


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    Hi @cmurcia ,

    It going in the Properties/launchSettings.json. This is how it looks on my test machine:

        "Editor_NET_Core_demo": {
          "commandName": "Project",
          "launchBrowser": true,
          "launchUrl": "examples/index.html",
          "applicationUrl": "http://localhost:5000",
          "environmentVariables": {
            "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT": "Development",
            "DBTYPE": "mysql",
            "DBCONNECTION": "Server=;Port=3306;Database=test;Uid=sa;Pwd=Pa55word123.;"

    Hope that helps,



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    Perfect, thanks!!!

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