Sliding table - bootstrap

Sliding table - bootstrap

crich04crich04 Posts: 20Questions: 6Answers: 0

I don't think I'm noticing that columns are hiding and when I view on my mobile, I can scroll the table data left/right while the headers remain still. Any suggestions to ensure it behaves better when viewing on a mobile device?


  • allanallan Posts: 61,584Questions: 1Answers: 10,084 Site admin

    Sounds like you are using Bootstrap's built in responsive tables (using the responsive class? Our Responsive has a dt-responsive class available to address that clash. See this example.


  • crich04crich04 Posts: 20Questions: 6Answers: 0

    You are correct. I'm usinig Bootstrap 3 but, I think it will still apply. Trying now. Thanks!

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