fnFakeRowspan and FixedColumns not working

fnFakeRowspan and FixedColumns not working

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i try to use fnFakeRowspan and FixedColumns toghether but it doesn't work.

As far as I see ... fnFakeRowspan alters oSettings.aoData[...].nTr while FixedColumns uses oData.anCells to generate the floating table and than triggers AGAIN the fakeRowspan() functions altering AGAIN oSettings.aoData[...].nTr so the floating table (the table inside .DTFC_LeftBodyWrapper) will become broken

I solved my problem by modifying a little the fnFakeRowspan plugin :
1. I have changed oData._aData[iColumn] with _aFilterData[iColumn] because oData._aData uses names as index not numbers so $('#example').dataTable().fnFakeRowspan(0); will not work
2. i have used oData.nTr.childNodes[iColumn].className="d-none"; instead of oData.nTr.removeChild(cell); because the FixedColumns Extension will trigger again fakeRowspan() that finds a allready modified oSettings.aoData[...].nTr
3. i have also added oData.nTr.childNodes[iColumn].className="d-none"; so the FixedColumns extension will display the floating table well

Note: .d-none { display:none; }

My question is : Do you have a better solution for this situation ?
Below is the modified fnFakeRowspan plugin

    function fakeRowspan () {

        var firstOccurance = null,
            value = null,
            rowspan = 0;

        jQuery.each(oSettings.aoData, function (i, oData) {

            var val = oData._aFilterData[iColumn],
                cell = oData.nTr.childNodes[iColumn];

            /* Use lowercase comparison if not case-sensitive. */
            if (!bCaseSensitive) {
                val = val.toLowerCase();
            /* Reset values on new cell data. */
            if (val != value) {
                value = val;
                firstOccurance = cell;
                rowspan = 0;

            if (val == value) {

            if (firstOccurance !== null && val == value && rowspan > 1) {
                firstOccurance.rowSpan = rowspan;



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    Nice change - good to hear you got it working. I don't think there is a better solution at the moment. The whole fake row span thing is a really a bit of a hack as it is!


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