Editor database agnostic?

Editor database agnostic?

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My company is moving our local servers out to the cloud and are currently building out apis so data in the dbs can be accessed only via REST / JSON - is there any way to continue using editor in this capacity?


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    Here is an example of Editor using REST interface.

    Is this what you are looking for?

    If you are asking about sending JSON data from the Editor, the last example in the ajax.data shows how.


  • dhutton@creativeone.comdhutton@creativeone.com Posts: 25Questions: 9Answers: 0
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    Yes definitely REST / JSON. I'm on .net core 2.1 and currently in my controller I'm giving it a dbtype and connection string to connect to the database. But my javascript is already performing crud via api url. Since I can control both sides, I guess all I'd need to do is implement the API's controller and models on the server in the format editor expects and then host my client app that accesses those databases via rest api anywhere outside of the server box - as long as it can still access the api via url. That should work.

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    The provided libraries are db agnostic, but they do assume an SQL database can be connected to. They doesn't currently allow for a custom API to be used.

    If you don't have the ability to give the .NET libraries a direct connection to the database, but rather have to go through an API, you'd need to either call that API from the client-side (assuming it is accessible there - that's the way I would do it personally), or proxy it though something on the server-side if it can only be accessed from the server.


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