Update searchpane as you filter, removing empty filter options and updating counts

Update searchpane as you filter, removing empty filter options and updating counts

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Hi @allan @colin

Currently the user is always displayed the full filter options in searchpane no matter the amount of results (unless I've missed something!). Generally speaking, quite a few filter combinations can render no results (depending on the table data and the filters chosen).

That is not a great ux pattern as the user shouldn't be shown filter options if they don't have any results. It's overwhelming to see so many options, and there isn't any point to showing the user filter options that will show no results.

In my opinion, a better pattern is to remove the filter options that are empty/not applicable to the current combination of filters, as you are filtering. This results in clear paths to finding what you need and much less redundant information. Additionally on mobile when you have to put the searchpane in a modal or something similar that will cover the table, you will see the search filters update and themselves get filtered. Which beyond giving a better idea of how to filter to the info you want, it gives the user feedback that something is actually happening.

This is demonstrated pretty well in this algolia demo if you filter around on the left side, you can see the filters themselves are updated as you filter. Here's a bunch of active filters, really narrowing the options available

Is this currently possible in searchPane? If so how can I implement it.

In this example I have attempted to rebuild the table on the table draw event but that doesn't do it. It seems the searchpane is always getting data from the full table data instead of what matches the current filters applied.

If not can you provide a modification to include this?


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    Hi @rtman ,

    There is an internal enhancement for exactly this (DD-726 for my reference). Allan was talking about doing an official searchPane release as the current one is still in prototype mode, but as is the way, it slipped due to other priorities. When that happens, I've marked this thread to be updated when that functionality is added.



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    Do we have any idea of a time frame on this feature? I see the searchpane feedback post is from Nov 2017..

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    I gave it a QA kicking at the end of last year with the aim of a proper release sometime this year. I'll see if Allan can be any more specific.


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    Its not something I've got on the timeline at the moment I'm afraid. Other features and issues are taking priority over the SearchPane release.


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    Ok. Hopefully you get to it soon. Other than this feature it seems quite good.

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