javascript error with multiple rows in a footer

javascript error with multiple rows in a footer

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i was getting this javascript error using DataTables 1.5.1 when my had multiple elements:

Error: oSettings.aoColumns[i] is undefined
Source File: jquery.dataTables.js
Line: 2175

here's the code around there:
/* Cache the footer elements */
var nTfoot = oSettings.nTable.getElementsByTagName('tfoot');
if ( nTfoot.length !== 0 )
iCorrector = 0;
var nTfs = nTfoot[0].getElementsByTagName('th');
for ( i=0, iLen=nTfs.length ; i


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    Hi Brent,

    Thanks for posting your code! The trick here is that this will likely break the show/hide columns future of DataTables. That function wasn't really built with multiple TR elements in mind for the footer, although I can certainly see the advantage. I've added support for this to my to do list...

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