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I know that you said this works with Air. However, I am having trouble. I am using Dreamweaver to edit and compile the Air Application. When I go to preview or even install the app and run it, it just sticks on Processing. I am running this on the local machine and have tested in the browser with no problems. I am sure there is something simple that I am missing, but I thought since you said it would work with Air perhaps you would know something that maybe needed to be configured that I hadn't done. I appreciate the help in advance!


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    Hi josh10,

    DataTables certainly should work with Adobe Air, and I'm using 1.5.1 in one of my own AIR applications without noticing anything broken at the moment. I've never actually run an AIR app through Dreamweaver, but is there a console which reports any errors which are encountered? The only place the processing in DataTables diverges for AIR is the sorting method (since AIR disallows 'eval' on functions) - so if it falls over there, I'd expect a JS error to come up.

    Having said that, when you get an error with processing still showing, that's usually because DataTables hasn't been able to process a JSON message from whatever source (server-side / Ajax?). It might be worth checking whatever json you have through .

    Is the compiled AIR application something you can send to me ( ), which might make debugging a little easier?

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