Scroller: Horizontal Version Implementation

Scroller: Horizontal Version Implementation

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Hi all.

Are there any plans for extending Scroller such that the smart-rendering applies to columns as well as rows? There seems to be some significant lag in rendering the cells for all of my many columns, even when only some of the rows are rendered at a time via Scroller. Unless there's supposed to be little overhead in rendering each column for each displayed row and that there's something I'm missing.

Thanks for the great product! It's certainly saved me some time.


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    I'm afraid not no. Since DataTables uses an HTML table for the display, it must draw all columns for the rows that it displays. I suppose it might be possible using column visibility, but I'm honestly not sure if it would work, and it quite be rather complicated to do if it is. So at this time, no plans to do so I'm afraid.

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    No worries then, thanks for the response!
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