DTE and Jquery Mask plugin

DTE and Jquery Mask plugin

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Hi again

I'm looking for an easy example of usage of DTE with JQuery Mask plugin (http://igorescobar.github.io/jQuery-Mask-Plugin/)

The example here did not help me at all, I tried to replicate and it did not work :

From this link :

I have tried to put :

fields : [ {
label: "employee_id",
name: "employee_id",
mask: "00"

And it does not work either.

I just would like one column in my DTE to be only float or let's say numeric only.

If you have a working example that would help me a lot.

Thanks again !

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    Hi @x14841003 ,

    You need to also specify that the field is type: 'mask', see the example on the last link you posted. You also need both the DTE extension and the jQuery Mask plugin included in the sources.

    If that doesn't help, let me know,



  • x14841003x14841003 Posts: 33Questions: 9Answers: 0

    Hi Colin

    It helped !

    Thanks again !

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