Dropdown multiselect checkbox filter

Dropdown multiselect checkbox filter

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Hi there!
I am running into a few issues figuring out how I go about filtering the State(s) Licensed column. I have the picture example below. What i am needing is a way to filter multiple selections at once: so if TX, TN, and OH were all checked for example, I need it to filter those three states from the table using the search feature.
I was thinking the logic something along the lines of:

if (search.contains("TX") && search.contains("TN") && search.contains("OH") {
filter data containing those 3 states in that column

My JS code (had to link to JSFiddle as it was being formatted weird here):

Any help or pointers would be appreciated. I have been tooling around with this for hours and not having much success, but I feel close to a resolution I hope. I am slightly beginner in JavaScript, so bear with me if my question is terribly worded. Picture below:


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    Hi @maxamity ,

    Your fiddle doesn't work, it's missing jQuery. This thread should help, it's asking the same thing.



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