Editor cloning

Editor cloning

LapointeLapointe Posts: 93Questions: 19Answers: 1

Hello all
Is there a way to clone editor (deep one making a complete copy but not connected with the original) ?


  • colincolin Posts: 8,995Questions: 0Answers: 1,501

    Hi @Lapointe ,

    I'm not understanding the question, sorry. You can create multiple Editor instances - which is useful if you have multiple tables. Can you explain what you mean by cloning, and what the use case would be, please.



  • LapointeLapointe Posts: 93Questions: 19Answers: 1

    Hi @Colin
    In fact I need to use a custom confirm box, using current editor with lot of hidden fields.
    I want to clone editor instance to just have to change field visibility at opeing (and reactors ON, ...) but not with need to reconfigure editor afetr using it as confirm box.
    Using clone allow to get the same fields link, ... witch is very faster and efficient.
    So yes, I think about clone, not multiple, or multiple with same properties (a clone) just doing ... tmpEditor=clone(editor) or editor.clone() or ...

  • allanallan Posts: 51,923Questions: 1Answers: 7,873 Site admin

    No sorry - there currently isn't a clone method. I don't think we've been asked for one before to be honest. The closest would be to create a new Editor instance than then use order() on the original Editor and then add() to add new fields to the target instance.


  • LapointeLapointe Posts: 93Questions: 19Answers: 1

    Hello Allan
    I'll do.
    In fact a clone should assign fields and connected record, and set i18n and ... nor a new with get - add

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