Enhancement Request: More info on validation failure during Import CSV

Enhancement Request: More info on validation failure during Import CSV

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Have made extensive use of importing data via CSV files as shown in this example. Works great.

When the imported data is being validated, it would be nice to have the row number and field value being included as part any validation error information returned.

For example, I have a case of 148 rows of data being imported, with one of the fields being a URL. I'm getting back the error that one of the URLs is invalid. Other than stepping into the debugger, and setting a breakpoint in Editor::validate() [Line 846], I have no other feedback to let me know that problem was with row 109's URL (for my data set).

Be nice to get that row number and the invalid field (109 and URL in my case) back.

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    Interesting one - thanks for the suggestion. This isn't so much specific to the CSV import (although its fairly easy to see there), but rather tha multi-row editing in general and the ability to determine which one, if any, of the submitted rows are failing. Normally it would be all of them since the UI only allows editing to a single value, but it would be possible through the API to enter invalid data for just a specific row / column - as is the case here in the CSV import.

    I've filed an internal enhancement request for this.


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