Condition left join hack

Condition left join hack

belubelu Posts: 36Questions: 14Answers: 0

I am trying to perform a left join with conditions, using this hack:

unfortunately it does not work :-(

Could you be so kind an help me? Thx in advance!

$editor->leftJoin( 'clients_contact_persons as contact', 'clients.client_id', '=', 'contact.client_id AND contact.archived != 1');


  • belubelu Posts: 36Questions: 14Answers: 0

    I have loaded up the Debug Information - the code is: emovof

  • colincolin Posts: 7,698Questions: 0Answers: 1,298

    Can you also post your server-side script too please, the debug stuff only shows the client-side information.


  • allanallan Posts: 51,272Questions: 1Answers: 7,725 Site admin

    It could be that I've made a chance in the libraries somewhere that is causing that hack to no longer work.

    What you might need to do is use a VIEW to get the data if you need a complex join.


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