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I'm using the new finished SearchPanes (it's awesome BTW) and utilizing the buttons feature and wanted to be able to show the end user if filters are set or not as a flag on the button itself. I didn't see any built in API to return the number of filters set. It would be helpful in connection with the stateSave so if they come back to the page after awhile, they'll know quickly if they have any filters.

I'm using a bit of a hacky way to do it, by pulling it down from the ".dtsp-title" div that displays it on the SearchPane itself but wanted to know if there was a cleaner way to do this, or if maybe an extra API function could be added?

Here's what I'm using now, the timeout is used since it seemed to be needed as the draw happened a bit too quickly and it would update the wrong value. I tried to utilize this thread, but it seems to be from an earlier version of SearchPane that doesn't work so much anymore:

Here's my current solution (it's not great):

        table.on('draw', function () {
            setTimeout(function () {
                var filtersApplied = $('.dtsp-title').text();
                filtersApplied = filtersApplied.replace('Filters Active - ', '');
            }, 500);

The initComplete sets up the filterBtn with the badge:

            initComplete: function () {
                $(".filterBtn").append(' <span class="badge badge-light" id="filterCount">0</span>');

Thanks for any help :smile:


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    Glad you like it! That's a good suggestion too - we'll optionally change the button so that in this example it'll have "SearchPanes (x)" for the button's label. Would that work?

    I've raised it internally (DD-1333 for my reference) and we'll report back here when there's an update.



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    Yeah, that would definitely be great. Thanks! :smile:

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    All fixed, see here. It's currently just in the nightly builds still, but will get pushed to the SearchPanes 1.1 release.


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    Works perfectly, Thanks @colin !

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