CSV import: How to questions

CSV import: How to questions

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I searched through the forum and did not find the answer. So, posting the questions here for some guidance.

I am using the Datatables Editor with the 'CSV Import' button. The code is exactly as stated on the example. Questions:

1) I have 6 columns in my database table but I only want the mapping visible for 5 columns for the user during the import. So, how do I hide the 6th column mapping on the upload screen? (Note: I am populating the 6th column with a custom value).

2) On the upload screen, I would like to display an additional selection for the user to select before hitting the submit button. How do I do this?

Please share some examples if available. Thanks in advance.



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    1. On line 10 it's looping the fields (requested on line 8) - you can remove the fields from there.
    2. Same area - on line 13 it's adding the fields to the form, you can just add the additional field there.


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    Hi Colin,

    Thank you for your response! I will try it out.

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