dynamic column values based on input field

dynamic column values based on input field

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Maybe someone can help me.
I have a part list of a device and and want to implement a ordering table where I can set the amount of
devices that have to be ordered, the amount of parts is dynamically multiplied/calculated and with a button an ajax
call sends the amount of parts is sent to the database.
Additionally, before sending the amounts the calculated values are editable if necessary.
The input field for the amount of devices and the button for "sending" are in the datatable as dom elements.

I have created an example: http://live.datatables.net/yuracaru/4/ with my actual implementation based on the live datatables
It's confusing that the total column is rendered 4 times,
how to get the values of this column out to send them to the database?
Is there a way to let the column be rendered again automatically?



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    It sounds like you may want to look at Editor as that seems a good fit for this problem.

    The columns.render will be called for each of the types - so you would expect it to be called four times.


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