Manipulate data before updating

Manipulate data before updating

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Good Morning !!

I describe two points to see if you can help me:

  • I have a table and inline editing is enabled in it, I need that immediately after the user enters a data and before it is saved in the database, I can know the entered value and modify it and change it in the table. I plan to work with PRESUBMIT. Could you tell me if this is correct and if they have any specific example of the case.

  • It is possible in the bubble edition of a row of a table to be able to manipulate the format of each field and also to be able to fire events after the user modifies the value in some specific field.

Thank you very much in advance !!


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    1. yep, preSubmit would be the way to go there.
    2. look at dependent() - that should give you what you want,


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