Searchbar not showing

Searchbar not showing

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We're currently developing a site where we user datatables, but after an update in the data we're showing the searchbar decided to not show up. I've tried multiple solutions found elsewere on this forum, but nothing seems to help.

There's no error showing in the console. I've made a jsfiddle that shows this problem:

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  • kthorngrenkthorngren Posts: 8,931Questions: 25Answers: 2,040
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    You need to add the f in the dom option. For example:


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    Alright, that works on the fiddle, but it doesn't work on the live version I have.

    I can't upload a jsfiddle for that, because it had server-side loading and confidential information, but when I watch at the settings for it (with $("#dataTable").dataTable().fnSettings()) I see the following DOM:

    But my header shows:

    Has anyone got a clue how I can either way show this on jsfiddle, or an idea how this is fixable?

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    Your dom configuration is placing the filter input below the table.

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    Apperantly there was a CSS line hiding it, so that combined with the placement in the string was the problem. Thanks alot for helping, it works perfectly now!

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