After sorting columns width breaks (using scroll)

After sorting columns width breaks (using scroll)

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Hi people, i have a project build in C# ASP with jQuery, Boostrap, dataTable (DataTables 1.10.20), I have a HUGE table with many Columns and these in turn with a lot of information, (and other things), the problem occurs when I use "ordering" or "filters" the width of the columns change in the header but it is different from the body, and it looks terrible.

The test case:


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    It is due to this on the style attribute: border-collapse: collapse; for the table.

    That makes the alignment calculations simple impossible (honestly - if you add up the calculated widths of the cells, bordered, etc, it might not add up to the width of the table!). That is partly due to sub-pixel rendering, but it basically comes down to how the browser calculates the column widths when collapse is used - for them to align, the content needs to match perfectly. Which is obviously redundant in a scrolling table since you need different content in the header from the body.

    The only way to address this is to remove that style (you can use border-left / right to replicate the effect though, which is what we do in our standard stylesheet).


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    Well ASP by default, add it to the tables (and the width) add the code

    jQuery("#" + _tabla).removeAttr("style");
        //jQuery("#" + _tabla).css('width','100%');
        jQuery("#" + _tabla + " thead").addClass("bg-info text-white text-capitalize");
        jQuery("#"+_tabla+" thead th").addClass("align-middle"); 

    before make it dataTable, but it doesn't work...

    really i dont know what's break the code, can i get ur help by remote? or something?

    But in the code the results is Great...

    Anothe thinks is when the user Filter or Sort the Colums agains break "/

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