Introducing CloudTables

Introducing CloudTables

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It is with real pleasure that I introduce our latest software: CloudTables.

CloudTables builds upon DataTables, Editor and the rest of our software, presenting a quick and easy way for you to develop database applications through a web UI. You then embed the resulting table and editor directly into your own application giving a seamless interface to your own users.

As well as the ability to define your own databases CloudTables also has:

  • Live updates of data as others are editing
  • Full auditing - see what has changed and who made the change
  • Hosted - no need for potentially complex infrastructure
  • Easy data validation

CloudTables is in beta, so there are still features that we plan to add before a full release, but we are very keen to get feedback. If you'd like to give CloudTables a go, please do so! We also have video tutorials to help get started.

There is more detail of CloudTables available in this blog post including how we see it interacting with DataTables and Editor development moving forward.

Support for CloudTables is going to be primarily e-mail based rather than in these forums, but we do welcome feedback here if you'd like to post any here, or use the CloudTables contact option.


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