How to debug Queuing changes in Editor / DataTables

How to debug Queuing changes in Editor / DataTables

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This is going to be somewhat vague...

I'm trying to implement queuing changes in Editor as described by blog post I haven't added code for the Save Changes or Discard Changes buttons yet. At this point, I'm simply trying to get the updates to Editor fields reflected in the DataTable on an onchange() event. I have that working for input fields and datetime fields. I can't get it to work for the selects though. If I change the select value, I can see the redraw() happening because the table row flashes but the old value remains in the table. I've tried stepping through the jquery.dataTables.js code but I don't see anything very obvious as to why a select field value change doesn't update but a text input field does. Is there a key method (or two) in jquery.dataTables.js that I can set a breakpoint at that would help me debug this? Is there code utilizing the API that I should/could be using to force an update to the dataTables cell? Nothing I've tried so far has worked. I assume that it should just work.

We've also implemented the Always visible editing panel from blog post so our Editor window is always open, sitting on to of the datatables table. That's why I can have the Editor field's onchange() event immediately trigger the "save" event that updates the table.

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    Never mind. I found my problem.

    This can be closed.

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    Thanks for posting back - good to hear you've got it sorted.


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