Server side concat_ws

Server side concat_ws

greggreggreggreggreggreg Posts: 29Questions: 12Answers: 1

I am trying to search firstname{space}lastname server side. I assume its simple, what am I doing wrong please.

$columns = array(
    array( 'db' => 'users_id', 'dt' => 'users_id' ) ,
    array( 'db' =>  'CONCAT_WS(" ", users_firstname, users_lastname)', 'dt' => 'users_fullname' ),
    array( 'db' => 'users_firstname', 'dt' => 'users_firstname' ),
    array( 'db' => 'users_lastname', 'dt' => 'users_lastname' )


  • allanallan Posts: 53,103Questions: 1Answers: 8,183 Site admin

    It isn’t simple actually - the demo PHP SSP class doesn’t support SQL functions, so you’d either need to modify the script to add that, or use a client-side renderer for it (which is what I’d do, and do in e.g. the Editor examples.


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