Way to sort by row color?

Way to sort by row color?

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Cannot link to a test case, the code is all contained on an intranet application and I am confused on getting it to work.

The general idea of the page:
User has a CSV file of serial numbers, make, model, etc
*The page has the user select a CSV file from their system
*A client side datatable is generated from the csv file
*User clicks submit to submit to the database
First checks if the client side table has duplicate serial numbers
---* Second if first passes, checks against database for duplicate serial numbers
---* Highlights the duplicate serial numbers and alerts user to fix

My question is, how would you go about doing the above? The client side duplicate check is easy. The server side duplicate check, I return an array of serial numbers that are already in the database. What to do with this array, I am stuck on. My hope would be to 'sort' the client side table to have the 'matches' at the top and highlight the offending rows. My hope would be to not have to make another column in the template csv file that is sorted by but that might be my only option.

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