TH header not aligning with TD cells in IE

TH header not aligning with TD cells in IE

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My header th cells are not aligning with my td cells in Internet Explorer. I have played around with the CSS for multiple days but I cannot figure out what the solution is?? I turned off sorting and the problem got even worse; the gap at the end was one cell larger than the row below! I don't know what to do or how to fix it because I have tried everything that I would know how to do and I've spent countless hours on what seems to be a silly problem.

I've searched the forums high and low but nothing addresses my specific problem. I have made very little modifications to the tables. In fact, before I made ANY mods, I just entered my data and this problem started happening. Can somebody that knows more about this table please help me????


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    Can somebody tell me if they also get unaligned cells in IE at this link:

    Or is it just me?
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    nope I have same problem with my th td not aligning thinking it has something to do with colspan
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    @leahfoo: I've been helping WebGirly3 offline as it was a fairly complicated issue. Do you have a link as well? And what browser are you seeing this in?

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    This problem is fixed....took out the sort on every row since it was unnecessary in my application and this made the table render correctly. However, my next problem is this.....when I re-render my table based on a check box, I lose all the tr shading? Since some of these tables can have 265 different lines, I really need to have this back. If I refresh the page, line shading returns and on first time in it is fine regardless if check boxxx is on or off first time in. have tried lots of oTable functions and even a simple soft and hard reload witJavaScripttt history.go(0) and location.reload() respectively but no go. Ideas would be great!
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    ok its was a stack overflow limiting table to 15 fixed this.
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    script stack space quota is exhausted
    Line 21

    New error above to get array in i am
    async: false,
    type: "post",
    data: ({
    "assignmentsCheckbox": jQuery("#assignmentsCheckbox").is (":checked")

    dataType: "html",
    success: function(data) {

    var jData = jQuery(data);
    jData.find('tr').each(function(i) {
    var tempArray = new Array();

    jQuery(this).find('td').each(function(i) {

    anything on the query result set not limited to 100 gives this error. Ideas / work arounds
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    I still have this problem when the content of is wrapped around and more than one lines.

    I can mail a small example if needed.
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