requery leftJoined value after field change

requery leftJoined value after field change

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In my MVC project I have a field which in the controller, has a LeftJoin to another table. during an .on(change) of the field, is there a way to 'requery' the leftjoin?

    CaseActionsEditor.field('CaseActions.ActionStatusID').input().on('change', function (e, d) {
        //console.log("D: " + JSON.stringify(d));
        //console.log("E: " + JSON.stringify(e));
        if (d === undefined) { // The change was triggered by the end user on update rather than an auto set
            var actionID = CaseActionsEditor.get("CaseActions.ActionID");
            var isComplete = CaseActionsEditor.get("ActionStatus.IsComplete");
            if (actionID == 1) { //Out for Delivery
                var actionStatusID = CaseActionsEditor.get("CaseActions.ActionStatusID");
                    url: 'api/ActionStatus?actionID=0&actionStatusID=' + actionStatusID,
                    dataType: 'json',
                    success: function (response) {
                        isComplete =[0]["ActionStatus"]["IsComplete"];
                        if (isComplete == 1) {
                        } else {


On Line 6, the value is still what it was when the editor was opened. if i was able to requery the value in the left join I would not need to do the following ajax call

                    .LeftJoin("ActionStatus", "ActionStatus.ActionStatusID", "=", "CaseActions.ActionStatusID")
                        .Field(new Field("ActionStatus.StatusName").Set(false))
                        .Field(new Field("ActionStatus.IsComplete").Set(false))

Or, on the select options, is there a way to include the IsComplete value that I can reference later?

                    .Field(new Field("CaseActions.ActionStatusID")
                        .Options(new Options()

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    Currently no - sorry, the Ajax call is required since it isn't currently possible to have additional meta information per option in Editor. There is just the label and the value - anything else needs to be queried from somewhere (the server in this case).


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    ok, thanks. thought i would check, because there are so many gems yet for me to discover with DataTables :smiley:

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