recommended directory structure user files

recommended directory structure user files

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This is hopefully a very easy question for someone.

I am trying to build my system with a view to going live, I wondered if there is a recommended directory structure for user defined files when using datatables.

Currently my user defined (as opposed to system) PHP files reside in


but this is mixed with the standard system supplied files which is not ideal, when updating to a new version in the future etc.

I can prefix all my files with a 2 character code to isolate from system files, but it would make sense to create a separate user Directory, but is there a standard convention when doing so,

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    I think it may be easier to keep the user defined PHP files in the controllers directory, so no changes to reference the datatables library file would be required

    // DataTables PHP library
    include( "../lib/DataTables.php" );

    I am looking at adding a 2 or 4 character code to the front of the filename to identify them as user files.

    Any upgrade to the datatables Editor PHP version would be a simple matter to copy user specific files to the new directory.

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