Keep focus on cell in error state for inline edit

Keep focus on cell in error state for inline edit

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Sorry if this issue has come up before, I couldn't find anything.
I am using the Keytable and Select extension and inline edit. Tab-key is used to tab through the cells.
Also using the initSubmit event to validate input.

My issue is that it's possible to move "focus" - the orange hard edit borders - away from a cell in error state. Either by keep tabbing or click on a new cell.
True the cursor stays in the error cell, but is it also possible to have the orange borders to revert back to the error cell.

I have attached a simplified example where I have added validation for first_name cannot be empty.

Thank you

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    This thread might help - it's a bit convoluted but the discussion is the same issue that you reported.


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    Thanks Colin.
    I get the idea, but to me in my use case it feels like a bug in Keytable. The hard edit orange border shouldn't go on a walkabout when tabbing, but stay on the cell in error state.

    I tried using the key-focus event to refocus the error cell, see here:

    It kind of works, but impose a new issue; If I - from the cell in error mode - hit Esc or correct the cell input, then the soft edit border stay on the cell and the following cell goes into edit mode, with no border!

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    Use preSubmit for client-side validation: .

    KeyTable has an event listener specifically for that event being cancelled, which will retain the focus on the current cell.


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    Sorry for the late follow-up @allan.
    This works perfect now, of course there is no bug, just stupid users.
    Thanks a lot :)

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