Custom delete message

Custom delete message

bfarkasbfarkas Posts: 120Questions: 31Answers: 0

I have setup the custom delete message shown here:

I have been trying to get it to show both first and last name in the list, but keep not quite getting there. I feel like this should be a simple add, any thoughts?


  • rf1234rf1234 Posts: 1,769Questions: 51Answers: 258
    edited September 11

    This should work:

    formMessage: function ( e, dt ) {
       var selected = dt.rows( {selected: true} ).data().toArray();
       var namesStr = '';
       $.each(selected, function(key, value) {
           namesStr += ( value.first_name + ' ' + value.last_name + '</li><li>' );
       return 'Are you sure you want to delete the entries for the '+
              'following record(s)? <ul><li>' + namesStr + '</li></ul>';
  • bfarkasbfarkas Posts: 120Questions: 31Answers: 0

    Perfect, so simple I don't know why I was going so crazy on it.

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