Filtering bug

Filtering bug

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I have latest version of datatables and jquery.


Search text: red attack epic

In firefox 3.5.2 i have the correct results (8)
In IE i get only 6.0.2900.2180. The ones that only have 'red' color are not displayed.

I know IE sux, but some people still using it, thats why i thought to report the problem.


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    Hi dzx,

    Thanks for your post, and the information. I've just tried your site in IE6 and IE7 and they both work okay for me. Interestingly IE6 didn't initially while the page was still loading (which is odd since DataTables had been initialised!). I'd guess that this has something to do with the page taking a long time to load all items (indeed IE is always telling me that it is still loading one more item) - eventually it catches up. Specifically it might we worth taking out the '' stuff and just trying the page as plain as possible in IE6. Certainly filtering should work in IE6 (the unit tests all pass in IE6).

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