ColReorder With Fixed Header - Cloned Header out of order

ColReorder With Fixed Header - Cloned Header out of order

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I am using DataTables with the ColReorder and FixedHeader, but having the same issue that is shown on the example page ( - When i move a column by dragging the header it moves the column correctly but leaves the header in its original place.

It seems to be moving the underlying/hidden header into the right place but cloned header just snaps back to its original location.

Has anyone found a way to correct the order of the Cloned Header

Many Thanks



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    Hi Lance,

    I have the same requirement. Did you figure out the solution for this problem.

    I really appreciate if anyone can shed some light on this.

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    An old thread I know, but this should be address with a combination of FixedHeader and ColReorder 1.0.4. You can download both from here: .

    I'll package up the 2.0.5 release for FixedHeader soon.

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