tooltip on columns hidded

tooltip on columns hidded

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Hello, I have a datable with long texts (for cells and headers). So I use the tooltip to display only the first characters of it. When the mouse is on the text, it displays the full text.
I use the colvis option too. I don't want to display all columns at the begin.

When I display a column not visible by default, the tooltip function doesn't work. Only the first caracters are displayed and nothing appears with the mouse. How can i solve that ?

When i hide a column already there by default, and re-display it, the tooltip works. So that means the php code which generates the tooltip are not execute on columns not displayed by default...

Any help is welcomed :) I'm currently trying to do a live example


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    Yup, we are probably going to need a test case showing the issue. It sounds like you are using a tooltip library rather than just the browser's native handling of the title attribute? If so, when the column is made visible (when you can tell by the column-visibility event) you'd need to run your tooltip library again.


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