Fixedheader - split screen

Fixedheader - split screen

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I have done an example there I have split the screen in two. On the left side I got some "settings" and on the right side I got an datatable. I configure the datatable with fixedheader. When I scroll in the datatable window I do not get the fixedheader however when I scroll in the setting window it apperas.I would like to have the "main" scroller to the left to be able to scroll when one of the select is at the bottom.

Are there away to bind the datatable to the right side of the window?

I have done an example to demostare my problem.



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    Thanks for the example - we'll take a look in the new year and report back,


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    Hi @Ludde ,

    Currently FixedHeader only works when scrolling the overall window, not within a scrolling element. That being said this is something we would like to add. I've raised an issue internally (DD-2420 for my reference) and will report back here when there is an update. Not sure when this will make it to the top of the pile, but we will look at it in the future!


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    Thanks Sandy. Sorry for the late response.

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