Button to export result to mysql database

Button to export result to mysql database

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i want to create 1 function or script that could export the result from my datatable and import automatically to my mysql database. im using php and my sql database. i dont have strong coding coding backgroup. can u please provide example so i can refer?

this is how my script look like

this is my script

    $(document).ready(function () {
        //Only needed for the filename of export files.
        //Normally set in the title tag of your page.
        document.title = "Detail by Job";
        // Create search inputs in footer
        $("#example tfoot th").each(function () {
            var title = $(this).text();
            $(this).html('<input type="text" placeholder="' + title + '" />');
        // DataTable initialisation
        var table = $("#example").DataTable({
            dom: '<"dt-buttons"Bf><"clear">lirtp',
            paging: true,
            autoWidth: true,
            buttons: [
            initComplete: function (settings, json) {
                var footer = $("#example tfoot tr");
                $("#example thead").append(footer);

        // Apply the search
        $("#example thead").on("keyup", "input", function () {

and this is for php file

            <td> <?php print $i++ ?> </td> 
            <td> <?php print strtoupper($district) ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print strtoupper($dma) ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print $rows_ql1["job_id"] ?> </td>            
            <td> <?php print $rows_ql1["contractor_assigned_date"] ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print $rows_ql1["contractor_date_submit"] ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print $date_mnf1 ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print $date_mnf2 ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print number_format($healthy_mnf1,2) ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print number_format($healthy_mnf2,2) ?> </td>
            <td> <?php print number_format(($healthy_mnf1-$healthy_mnf2),2) ?> </td>


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    You would want to export as a 'CSV file, and then have another script that converts that into SQL statements. That's beyond the scope of this forum, it would be worth asking on StackOverflow or a more relevant site.


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