Editor . strange effects using depend

Editor . strange effects using depend

LapointeLapointe Posts: 430Questions: 81Answers: 4

Hi @all
I use cascading depend actions, as
when opening editor in edit mode, I use depend to get product family for the current user, then the list of products for the current family, after that I get the product price...
SOMETIMES (not everytime) when I get the product price, the product value is not already set...

I'd never see this problem before installing release editor 2.0.5... does somebody get the same problem ?

I Just see editor 2.0.6 is available... I'll try using this new release...

Best regards

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  • colincolin Posts: 15,095Questions: 1Answers: 2,581

    It's not a known issue, and it's curious that it only fails sometimes. Are you seeing browser errors when it's not behaving?


  • LapointeLapointe Posts: 430Questions: 81Answers: 4

    Hi @colin
    no error is visible.
    If you want to have a look l will create an open test database because real data in the current one (or if you can contact me in private mode I'll give you pass and admin user account to test). System is runnig up to 1 year and I just find this problem. Sometimes depend events are fired before values are set really in editor so system react... for example, on opening I compute the amount using the current product price and the product is null, so amount is 0

  • allanallan Posts: 61,082Questions: 1Answers: 9,960 Site admin
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    The error you mention would happen if the list of options does not contain the value that is being set (and note that it uses strict typing). If you can give me login details, I'll take a look.


  • LapointeLapointe Posts: 430Questions: 81Answers: 4

    Hi @Allan @colin
    I send you a mail where you'll can find a login / pwd.

    Another point is I get err 404 when loading because datatable.min.css try to get images (sort_***.png in a path set to https://test.gestion-micro.fr/css/DataTables-1.11.4/images/sort_desc.png My images are stored in https://test.gestion-micro.fr/images/sort_desc.png

    Best regards

  • LapointeLapointe Posts: 430Questions: 81Answers: 4

    ps For css DataTables-1.11.4 is set explicitly in datatable.css. I do change the path and run good for me.

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