FixedHeader 3.1.7 versus 3.2.2

FixedHeader 3.1.7 versus 3.2.2

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A few weeks ago I upgraded Data Tables, Editor etc. and also FixedHeader.

With the new version of fixed header I get issues with Chrome scrolling down on a page with multiple data tables. Some users can no longer scroll down because it has become really difficult to do this: Chrome starts "shaking" and you can't scroll using the mouse wheel. You have to force it by clicking on the scroll bar and pull that down. That occurs shortly before the fixed header of the table disappears and the next table below is being shown. There had been no issues with version 3.1.7.

This is from the console (yes, only a warning but it causes the issues when scrolling down):

Please also see this screenshot showing the upper table's fixed header shortly before it should disappear giving way for the following data table below. That is when the problem for the user occurs.

For the time being I have completely deactivated FixedHeader to avoid the issue. But I would like to turn it back on asap. Thanks for your help.

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    Sounds similar to this thread.


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    Thanks Kevin! I posted back there as well!


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