tabledit.js and date range filter

tabledit.js and date range filter

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Hello, I am using serverside-based datatable, I am using the tabledit.js plugin for the inline editor as a plugin, but I think this plugin does not specify an extra column, when I use the date range filter, I get the following error,
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'mData')

search button action
$('#search').click(function(){ var start_date = $('#start_date').val(); var end_date = $('#end_date').val(); if(start_date != '' && end_date !='') { $('#userdata').DataTable().destroy(); fetch_data('yes', start_date, end_date); }

maybe if we can show the tools of this plugin in a new column, we may have overcome the problem, I am waiting for your support.

I can't use datatable's own inline editor and date range filter because I'm using serverside based

I tried a lot but unfortunately I couldn't find it, thanks in advance for your help.

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    You will need to add that column in your thead and tfoot in HTML. Then use columnDefs to define that column in Datatables. Start with this:

                 { responsivePriority: 10001, targets: 5 },
                 { responsivePriority: 10002, targets: 6 },
                 { responsivePriority: 10003, targets: 7 },
                    render: $.fn.dataTable.render.number('.', ',', 2, ''),
                    "targets":[8, 9],
                              targets: -1,
                              data: null,
                              defaultContent: '....'  // Build the HTML to display the buttons.

    See this example of how to use buttons in the columns:

    This example shows Inline editing with server side processing. It might be worth posting the issues you have with inline editing so we can help debug.


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    It would be worth looking at Editor - as it has the editing support tightly integrated with DataTables, please see example here,


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    thanks for support

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