Link to google sheets / export data

Link to google sheets / export data

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Love how easy is to customize the cloudtable, great work!

Is there any way to link google sheets as the main source to pull the data from (CRUD)?
How do you export the current data to a CSV file or similar?
Record per page, possible to see 5 only? Since the edit button is not part of the "sticky header".


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    Glad you like, that's good to know, thanks for letting us know.

    You can't link Google Sheets as the data always needs to be help within the CloudTables database. You can export an XLS/CSV from Google Sheets, and then import than into CloudTables. This video demonstrates how to import data.

    To export, create a button group on the Table tab, and add buttons to it, something like this:

    Unfortunately, you can't set it as low as 5 currently. It's on the Table tab, in the Table Inspector on the right-hand side of the screen. Scroll down to the Pagination section near the bottom, and you can set the number of records per page from a dropdown!

    Hope that helps,


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