Eneable only Select Input after using dom: 'frt'

Eneable only Select Input after using dom: 'frt'

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edited April 2022 in DataTables 1.10

I am using the 'load more' button from her https://www.gyrocode.com/articles/jquery-datatables-load-more-button/, but the thing is, when I hide the pagination using dom: 'frt' he hide all the controls of my DataTable, wich include the select field, to select how many lines you want to show [10, 25, 50, 100]...

Is there a way to only make the select input go back to appear??

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    Take a look at the dom docs to learn how to control the placement of the Datatables elements. You can try adding those elements (l for length change menu, i for info display) but I'm not sure they will affect the Gyrocode Load More button. You will need to ask the developer of the button for more information.


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