Button export csvHtml5 skip blank cells in export column

Button export csvHtml5 skip blank cells in export column

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Im trying to export a single column from my dataTables.
This column has blank cells and i would like to skip those when exporting so that the final text file would not contain blank lines.

This is my csvHtml5 button configuration:

            text: '<i class="fas fa-file-code"></i>&nbsp;&nbsp;Ephem',
            extend: 'csvHtml5',
            fieldBoundary: '',
            extension: '.txt',
            filename: 'some_file',
            exportOptions: {
              columns: '.my_column',
              trim: false,
              stripHtml: false,

Thank you very much for your support
Best regard

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    You could use the rows option in the buttons.exportData() - similar to your columns. There, for row-selector you can make it a function, and only include that row if it's non-empty - the example on that page is only including rows that start with "A" so you could use that as a template.


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